Laminated Brow Gel
Laminated Brow Gel

Laminated Brow Gel

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Looking for the perfectly groomed brow? Glamiara's styling gel easily creates fuller and natural looking eyebrows. With a formula that thickens and holds each individual hair strand, you can wear it alone or with our Microblading Effect Pen. It creates beautiful brows that stay styled all day and all night. 

  • Spoolie included
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-free
  • Non-irritating/sensitive skin formula
  • Water resistant

Wild Eyebrow Shaping Soap with Brush, Natural Eye Brow Shaping Gel Wax, Long Lasting and Waterproof Eyelash Eyebrow Soap

How to use:

1. Dampen the spoolie with a splash of water

2. Dip the spoolie into the gel, ensuring a moderate amount is on the brush

3. Apply to brows in an upward motion

I had my brows laminated!! : Eyebrows