Temporary Stick-On Eyeliner Tattoo
Temporary Stick-On Eyeliner Tattoo
Temporary Stick-On Eyeliner Tattoo
Temporary Stick-On Eyeliner Tattoo

Temporary Stick-On Eyeliner Tattoo

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Introducing the revolutionary Eyeliner Tattoo – the perfect blend of convenience and style for those who desire a flawless eyeliner look without the fuss. Designed to stay impeccable all day, applying it is a breeze: simply cut, place, dampen, and reveal. With its easy-to-shift feature, you have the liberty to position it just right. Wait for 10 minutes, and you're set with an eyeliner that'll make heads turn! Say goodbye to smudges and hello to perfection.

Each order consists of one sheet of eyeliner tattoos, with 36 pairs in 6 styles!


  1. What is a temporary eyeliner tattoo sticker? A temporary eyeliner tattoo sticker is a cosmetic item that mimics the appearance of eyeliner. It is applied by placing a pre-designed, eyeliner-shaped sticker onto the eyelid, moistening it, and then peeling it off to reveal a temporary eyeliner look.

  2. How do you apply a temporary eyeliner tattoo sticker? To apply, you position the eyeliner tattoo sticker along the lash line on clean, oil-free skin. Then, dampen the paper backing with a wet cloth, pressing gently. After a few seconds, slide the paper off to reveal the eyeliner. It's quick, simple, and can be done at home without any professional help.

  3. How long does the eyeliner last and can it handle water or sweat? The temporary eyeliner typically lasts for 1-2 days and is designed to be water-resistant to handle sweat and tears. However, it is not completely waterproof, so heavy washing or swimming may cause it to peel off.

  4. Is the temporary eyeliner tattoo sticker safe for sensitive skin? These stickers are usually made with skin-safe adhesives and pigments that are non-toxic and hypoallergenic. They're suitable for most skin types, but if you have sensitive skin or allergies, it's best to check the ingredients list and do a patch test first.

  5. How do you remove the temporary eyeliner tattoo sticker? The eyeliner can be easily removed with a bit of makeup remover or warm soapy water. Gently rub the area until the eyeliner loosens and comes off. It's important not to pull or tug harshly on the skin during removal.

  6. Can I wear eyeshadow with it? Yes, you can wear eyeshadow with the eyeliner tattoo. It is advised to apply the eyeshadow before you apply the eyeliner tattoo, and careful application will ensure that the shadow remains intact.


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